Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shelly After Midnight

Hail hail, everybody! Today, we have a new piece by our friend Kabuki Katze. This one is a wee bit different than usual, and may possibly fall under the "NSFW" category. It is classy and stylish, but I understand some of you will need to heed this warning for one reason or another. I'll see the rest of you shortly.

"Shelly After Midnight" (originally "Shelly @ Midnight") arose out of discussions the two of us had regarding some pictures I had discovered on deviantArt. In particular, I was inspired by this photo. I decided we could make something happen along these lines with Shelly Ericson. After all, Kabuki had already expressed a notion that she wanted to draw her in something more...ahem..."comfortable."

That's the basic concept here. It's just Shelly, ready for bed, sitting in the stairway of Paul Mann's mansion. I like to think of this as being from his POV, since I doubt Shelly would POSE for such a picture. Not only is her outfit pretty skimpy, but this is definitely a softer and more sensual side than she usually presents. It might detract from her rep as a badass just a little if she did!

I love this piece, and I hope you do, too. Here is Kabuki's page for it, if you'd like to comment there.

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