Saturday, February 12, 2011

There Is A Reason This Is Posted On Saturday

Yes, it's Yet Another Boring Label Entry. At least I only average once a year for this type of thing. And those of you reading feeds? Yeah, you might as well skip this entirely.

What's new? Actually, not much. I changed the name of "comic books" to simply "comics" to clarify that it can cover things like comic strips and adaptations to other media. Somewhat bigger is that I finally gave in and changed the "tokusatsu" category to "asia". It still deals primarily in Japanese sci-fi, but it was time to face the fact that things like anime and Korean movies didn't fit under the label I was filing them under.

I moved a few entries around, but it was mostly applying the "asia" label to things that were formerly under "general nonsense". I don't believe any other labels were impacted at all during the process. Just a bit of housekeeping.

Now, hopefully we can move forward with this major problem handled!

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