Friday, February 11, 2011

My World : Devil Dynamite (Redux)

Harrison Otto (“H.O.”) Godfrey is a former Third World agent who decided to strike out on his own. Stealing a prototype copy of Captain Satellite’s digital powersuit from a Third World laboratory, he christened himself “Devil Dynamite” and launched a noted career of villainy. Due to his origin as Devil Dynamite, H.O. Godfrey holds the distinction of being a rival of both Captain Satellite and Third World.

Devil Dynamite styles himself as the Captain's “evil opposite.” His more outlandish claim is that he is actually Captain Satellite's counterpart from a parallel universe. This particular yarn is his attempt to conceal his true identity, and play mind games with the hero. It is effective enough that Cap has gone so far as to quiz Thunder Man (an actual native of a parallel Earth) as to whether Devil Dynamite hails from his world.

The one saving grace for everyone is that Devil Dynamite’s ambition outstrips his effectiveness. The prototype powersuit he wears is notoriously unreliable and prone to malfunction. This leaves him perpetually in danger of dropping like a stone in mid-flight, which would make a more prudent thinker reluctant to take to the sky.

Devil Dynamite has thus far been unsuccessful in his efforts to rally his own paramilitary force dubbed the “Anti-Satellite League” (ASL). His powersuit currently on the fritz, he has recently been reported as making his living in the wrestling rings of Mexico as the masked luchador Diablo Dinamita. He makes no bones about the fact that he is plotting an elaborate comeback scheme.

Devil Dynamite is somewhat unique among the Captain Satellite cast, in that he is the only major character who was actually created during the big 2007 launch on deviantArt. The reason Devil Dynamite even came into existence is because I noted the paucity of villains among my pre-established characters. Devil Dynamite was my attempt to fill out the ranks of my rogues gallery a little bit, and I chose to use a conceit ("evil opposite of the hero") that had served me well growing up.

Trouble was, I didn't have a very clear idea of what exactly I wanted out of Devil Dynamite. To make matters worse, DD had the misfortune of being posted on my blog (site of considerable revisions of 2007 material) prior to my sudden surge on inspiration in 2010. His entry got short shrift as a result, and virtually nothing was done with it.

As I developed the "Owariverse" further, I realized I had co-opted most of DD's few distinctive characteristics for others. He had essentially become superfluous as originally conceived, and I gave serious thought of writing him out entirely. There would still have been a "Devil Dynamite" in continuity, but as a vital component, he came pretty close to being abandoned.

I didn't want to junk a character without at least trying to find a place for him, so I entertained a number of different concepts to retool him into something I could use. None of them quite clicked until I hit on the above. It incorporates elements of two or three different potential revamps into one hopefully entertaining hodgepodge.

This particular profile is a source of pride for me since I somehow managed to link Devil Dynamite to in-jokes for both cheap ninja movies and Mexican wrestling in the span of four paragraphs. I even did it while salvaging everything that has gone before. This is the single biggest retcon I've done with this universe, and I think I somehow pulled it off.

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