Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Band Of The 1970s?

Due to circumstances beyond my control, it appears that scheduling conflicts will be ending my following of AMERICAN TOP 40: THE 70s in any kind of meaningful way. This is an admittedly minor concern in the larger scheme of things, but it still makes me a tiny bit sad. Casey Kasem and his collection of retro tunes have been brightening my weekends for over two years, and doing so in a way I never imagined. I've been introduced to plenty of music that was new to me, and for that alone, I am eternally grateful. It also exposed me to such weird flotsam as "Once You Understand" , and for that, I am also grateful...and confused.

However, I am not here to talk about Think's "Once You Understand" (but seriously, LISTEN TO IT), but rather to put forth a question that was raised in my mind over the last two years as I listened to vintage AT40. Namely, were the Bee Gees the "band of the decade" when it came to the charts? I'm not just talking about the soundtrack to SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER - the brothers Gibb were a potent force both at the beginning and end of the 1970s. You can look it up! OK, I don't expect anyone will, but I did. Can you imagine if they hadn't broken up for a couple of years there?

However, even my crazed devotion to a task has its limits. There are 522 weeks during the span of 1970-1979. Your job, should you be insane enough to accept it, is to tell me how many of those weeks included a Bee Gees song in the Top 40. There is absolutely no prize being offered, except to have your name mentioned on a blog read by perhaps tens of people. And really, isn't that prize enough?

I eagerly await your research, dear readership.

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