Monday, May 23, 2011

"Macho Man" Randy Savage Memories

Watch the video before you read any further (as long as it is still there).

I was at work on Friday when I got a text message from my sister. When I had the chance to check it, the news wasn't good. "Macho Man" Randy Savage had died.

I guess it wasn't a terrible shock. While he had seemingly left wrestling behind. Randy being tightly wound was not something that was a work by all accounts. I guessed it had been a heart attack that did him in, and it turns out I was apparently right. I'm just glad no one else was seriously injured in the wreck that resulted.

I never much liked WWF wrestling, but I always enjoyed Randy Savage's work. When I got to see his earlier stuff in places like Memphis and the old outlaw ICW group, I was even more amazed. I hope you were able to watch the video I've included. Did you see him practically launch himself at Ricky Morton? Or deliver the piledriver on a table when that wasn't commonplace and almost kill himself? Or how about him jumping off the top of a cage?

(As an aside, that video also credits the artist and song used - a real rarity for such a thing to have an on-screen credit. I'm not familiar with the Rods or "Rock Warriors", but they sound as if they are worth checking out.)

Randy Savage was a daredevil. He's also a guy about whom some less than flattering stories have circulated. Truth? I don't know or even care which (if any) are genuine. He put on a good show. He saved his money and didn't have to hang on well after his time for chump change. I think he was a winner. Sadly, he left us way too early at 58.

One story that has always stuck with me about Savage was his appearance on what was (I believe) still the Regis and Kathie Lee show. Regis Philbin asked Randy about Miss Elizabeth. After having been married in real life for a few years, they had a "wrestling wedding" with their characters. Randy had to rather awkwardly admit that they had split up, and it was almost touching in how diplomatic and human he was in that moment. For an instant, he wasn't the "Macho Man", but Randy Poffo.

Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth are both gone now, and it's hard to imagine for me. I don't have any quaint romantic notions about them in the afterlife, in case you were wondering. I just hope both of them have found some peace.

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