Thursday, May 26, 2011

Firegirl Sketch by Sara Duffield (2009)

It's not your imagination - we did skip over the year 2008 in this journey through the history of Captain Satellite. The situation was similar to that of 2006 - it's not as if I wasn't recruiting folks to draw pictures for me; it's that our energy was still going in the direction of Return of Jetman. For example, Sara (the biggest fan of the Captain Satellite crew at the time) created the "Wild" Bill Jackson and Dr. Diabolo commissions seen on the ROJ site for real cash money in 2008. That meant that Cap and friends were on the back burner for most of the year. But they were far from forgotten.

I think I've mentioned that Sara and I discussed launching some sort of project involving those characters. What I may not have mentioned is that she got as far as doing test sketches to get the feel for what she wanted to do with those ladies. To my knowledge, these were never inked or even scanned. What I have are webcam photos from January 26, 2009.

The above Firegirl sketch is the real prize of the batch. The rest of what I have from that day (and possibly all that existed) are head shot studies that sometimes varied a bit as Sara explored different possibilities. Ah, but Firegirl was classic Firegirl. It's probably the last time Sara drew one of my characters in her "old" style, and it's definitely a winner. It transcends being just a fuzzy webcam picture and possesses the charm that Sara's art always has.

I hope Sara will forgive me for posting a cropped cam photo to show off her art. But honestly, this Firegirl sketch is simply too wonderful to not share here. While the project that led to its creation ended up never coming to pass, the sketch itself is reason enough to be happy we talked about it.

Oh, but here's some big news about a project of Sara's that is happening! Sara and her friend Connie will be at Phoenix Comic Con May 26-29 to promote the webcomic Mirror World. Stop in and say hi if you're in the neighborhood!

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