Friday, April 19, 2013

Celeste and Sydney Recovery Fund

Like a lot of people, I've been riveted by the unfolding human story of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Maybe you have seen this photo.

Or this one.

Or some variation thereof. The first even went viral with the story that it was a boyfriend who was going to propose to his dead girlfriend. Well, they weren't dating - he was just a person helping a stranger in need. More importantly, she's not dead.

Her name is Sydney. If not for Good Samaritans, she would have died from her injuries. Her mother lost both her legs in the attack. And this is after Sydney suffered a fractured skull in a car accident two years ago.

Sydney's family was featured on NBC's ROCK CENTER tonight (April 19th if you are reading this later). There is a page where you can donate money to them. I have, though it sadly wasn't much. If you can, give them a hand.

Here's the link. -->> <<--

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