Monday, April 1, 2013

Who Is Christopher Elam?

Remember Googlism? I was reminded of it today, and thought it would be funny to search my own name. The results were disappointingly skimpy, but filled with even more questions.

christopher elam is the editor in chief and a co
christopher elam is printed as #1797

Undaunted, I then searched for just plain old "Chris Elam."

chris elam is fast on the sack but also has good interception hands for
chris elam is trying to define himself as a dancer and citizen of the world
chris elam is only 26
chris elam is a new member of the usa funds® services team
chris elam is dancing and presenting work in fringe festival and brazil festival
chris elam is in upt at reese

The conclusion we can draw from this is that even Google doesn't know what to say about me.

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