Monday, April 29, 2013

Dress-Up Doppelgirl

And now, for something completely different...

We've talked about my OC Doppelgirl, we've talked about my friend Kabuki Katze, and we've talked about how the former drew inspiration from the latter. Today, we debut a brand-new commission that mixes things up in a lot of fun ways.

A few months ago, Kabu did a piece of giftart for mutual friend Sean Moore that was in a paper doll style. This led me to think "I want one of those!" Quickly, I decided Doppelgirl and her multiple identities would be the perfect fit. But I decided to bide my time and do a couple of other projects first.

Well, it was eventually this commission idea's turn at bat, and it was finished in record time! It brings me a lot of joy, with Doppelgirl, Spookette, and Madame Troika costumes for the erstwhile Judy Gourrier. And of course, Kabu was a great sport about the whole affair, since she was essentially drawing herself in her underwear!

Kabu's page is here, and includes a link to a PDF if you'd like to print this out for yourself!

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