Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Galaxy Laser Team in "Rainbows in Space!"

Things have been a bit quiet in these parts on the Tim Mee Toy front. Today we change all that with some exciting news for your Christmas buying season. Yes, it's a return of the Galaxy Laser Team!

Only now you can also choose blue and green figures! If you recall older posts on this tag, green was one of the colors included in the original assortments. Blue was not, but I believe figures in this shade were available with the mountain playset. In any event, this is a very cool way to fill out your space armada.

But wait! There's more!

There's also an assortment in orange and red! I don't think these colors previously appeared on domestic issues of the Team, though they did turn up outside of the United States. Whether all of those were authorized or not is a question more serious collectors than yours truly will have to answer. All I know is these are just as solid and high quality as the other reissues, and not as prone to low grade plastic as some foreign issues in these colors.

I am still holding out hope for a return of pink plastic for the Galaxy Laser Team. I mean, what could be more awesome than Space Yetis and Faux Vaders in hot pink? But these two releases are fantastic and highly recommended for anyone with a passing interest in toys. Give them as a surprise gift to the STAR WARS fan in your life!

The fine folks at VictoryBuy not only supplied me with their product for review, but they have more Fall reissues besides the Galaxy Laser Team. I'll be talking about a couple of those next time.

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