Friday, November 29, 2013

Pro Sports In Major City

I am perhaps a sucker for detail. If I have a fictional metropolis like Major City, it only follows that they have professional sports teams. And they aren't necessarily analogous to New York City, since Major City is very much Not New York (though they have elements in common).

Here then are the known sports franchises in Major City, with some discussion of their inspiration.

Major City Majors
Major City Aces

Major City Majors
Major City Tops

Major City Electrics

Major City Maroons

Additionally, the chief pro wrestling association, the GWO (Global Wrestling Organization) owned and operated by promoter Burl Lee, is based out of Major City.

*"Major City Majors" is a bit of an allusion to Major Major Major Major in Catch-22. It plays off the fact that New York once had both football and baseball Giants. The military rank nickname has precedent in both New Jersey Generals of the USFL and Shreveport Captains of minor league baseball (though Shreveport used a sea captain mascot).

*The Major City Aces owe a bit to the New York Jets, but it's mostly because I think it's a swell name for a team.

*Major City Tops (with, yes, a top as their logo) were originally inspired by the Brooklyn Tip-Tops of the Federal League.

*The Major City Electrics are inspired by the Camden Electrics of an early National Basketball League.

*It sounds like a joke, but the Major City Maroons earned their name from the Montreal Maroons.

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