Monday, November 18, 2013

The Future of Return of Jetman

Big News:

I have been doing some hard thinking about this site in the past few months, and have reached a decision or two. Hear me out.

When I spun Return of Jetman off into its own site back in 2004, I registered the domain for as long as I possibly could. That was 10 years. That registration is set to expire at the end of January. I will not be renewing it. In fact, I may cancel it early - depending on how things go.

Whoa! So does that mean Return of Jetman is dead? No. But it is changing, and it is time to acknowledge that for the story and artwork to continue online, the presentation itself must change (again).

Simply put, I no longer have the will to continue financing this project. I have moved on from Return of Jetman these last three years. While it will always hold a special place in my heart, and I am deeply proud of the work all involved put into it, I'm over it. I'm ready to look to the future, and not continue holding onto the past.

Yes, there are still the notes for the last episode of "New Return of Jetman" to complete. Hopefully, I can get off my keister in the next couple of weeks and put a ribbon on them. In any event, that's it. There are no plans to add new content afterward. I'll probably even modify what's already here.

To put this plan into motion, I have to edit a lot of entries. If you are still visiting this site on a regular basis, be aware that things are going to be unstable for a few weeks. It may even disappear entirely for a time. I apologize in advance. I don't think there's a clean, painless way to get this done.

I thank all of you who have made this project so rewarding over the years. I hadn't realized until I sat down to compose this entry that it was 11 years ago today that I officially premiered the first episode of this incarnation of ROJ. It has been a wild ride, and while it's almost completed, that doesn't mean we can't look back on it fondly.

Stay tuned for more news. Eventually, this site will revert to Make a note of this URL so you can find it when the change occurs!

Please note that this news applies only to Return of Jetman and not this blog or any of my other projects.

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