Friday, January 17, 2014

Deviant Art All Stars 2!! by Lordwormm

Deviant Art All Stars 2!! by Lordwormm on deviantART

I've been blessed with several pieces of fan art by Lordwormm the last few years, as his (still a work-in-progress) tag here will demonstrate. I didn't feel right about reposting the pictures he did that were "jams" with other people's characters back in the old days. Ah, but now, I'll just embed it and call it a day!

Amazing Girl is part of this vast assemblage of awesome. I am honored that Lordwormm chose to include me, especially since I've been pretty light in doing anything with my characters the last couple of years. He's a talented fellow and a nice guy, and I'm proud that he likes my work so much!

It occurs to me that I should go ahead and embed some of his older multiple character pics with Owariverse peeps. I think I will do just that in the next few days!

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