Monday, January 20, 2014

It Is Indeed

I espoused a belief to someone last week, and it was a thought worth sharing. She was worried about being "over the hill" and I cautioned that it has nothing to do with a chronological age. As soon as your memories become more interesting than the present or the future, well, congratulations - you're now old.

I'm all about embracing nostalgia. I think a quick survey to this blog will prove that statement. But I don't want to live in the past. It's a dead-end, and it means there's nothing to look forward to, nothing to anticipate. And to this idea, I say "Balderdash."

I see people from time to time who seem to want nothing more than to relive the "old days" which they perceive to be better. I've been guilty of wallowing in my memories from time to time. Yet, I look at a world filled with possibilities, and I wonder why I would want to hide away in the world as I knew it when I was 15. Or 35, for that matter.

I've had a lot of time to mull over my successes and failures through the years. I am sure that I always will think about those things. But right here, in this moment, I can say that I would much rather look ahead than behind. I guess I am finally at peace with the fact that there are just things that can never be recaptured, no matter how much I might wish for them. I am OK with that, and am setting my sights on the horizon.

For reasons of my own, today seems an especially appropriate day to affirm that to myself.

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