Friday, December 17, 2010

Morty and Danny

As you might recall from my incessant yapping about my superhero cast, Blue Behemoth and Drone Man are college buddies that embarked on the hero thing at about the same time. When I commissioned Kabuki Katze to create Blue Behemoth's Bulletin Board for me a few months ago, one of the elements I asked her to incorporate was an ID badge for BB's former human identity, Mortimer Kane.

In case you are wondering, the ID is damaged due to the accident that changed little Mortimer into the boisterous Blue Behemoth.

Well sir, I loved the way Kabu captured the unabashed dorkiness I had attributed to Morty. This got me thinking that it would be fun to use the same template for his pal Danny Graham. Recently, I commissioned just such a thing.

Like it? You can comment here, or tell Kabuki yourself right here!

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