Thursday, December 2, 2010

Watch Atomic Rulers Of The World Here!

Are you one of those poor souls who has never had the pleasure of enjoying a Starman film? Starman, if you are unaware, is considered the first true live-action Japanese superhero. (We won't deal with Ogon Batto right now!) The character, originally named "Supergiants", appeared in a series of featurettes that were edited together into four feature films sold directly to television in the United States.

The Starman films are not only massively entertaining, but COMPLETELY INSANE. But this entry isn't about educating you about Starman. Rather, it exists to tell you that now you can fill the void in your life if you have never experienced Starman. As it happens, I recently discovered that ATOMIC RULERS (the first Starman film) is on Youtube in its entirety under its longer title ATOMIC RULERS OF THE WORLD. Not broken up into chapters, but the whole thing in one easy video. It's a golden opportunity to see if you would like Starman! And really, why wouldn't you?

A few things you should know before you watch this:

1)I have not watched this video in full, because I already own the movie on DVD. I have already noted that the opening titles and credits have been deleted, so there could be other issues.

2)This copy is obviously sourced from Sinister Cinema's print, and I do not know if it was done with permission or not. At least I am providing Sinister with a link, which is more than the uploader did.

3)You may have to watch at least one terrible commercial.

Remember this is free, folks. Just sayin'.

So, without further ado, here it is, ATOMIC RULERS OF THE WORLD!


The Starman films are all on DVD, but I can't guarantee their continued availability. Better snatch 'em up while you have the chance!


  1. I see they left out the title card completely! I wonder where the "of the World" comes from, it's never been on any print I've seen.

    what a cool movie!

    and the Alpha DVDs abound out here, FYI.

  2. Yeah, as noted above, that jumped out at me. I wonder if there was a "screen bug" there they wanted to omit?

    I don't know where "...of the World" originates either, but I have seen it dating back decades. My guess is that it came from the distributor's promotional material. Wasn't it Medallion TV?

    Oh, I have no doubt about it. I have the SWV DVDs, but who knows how long either those or Alpha will be "officially" available.