Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ROJ - Mission Accomplished

Since I mentioned "Return of Jetman" yesterday, it seems only fitting to revisit this entry now that a year has passed. Having re-read it myself a few minutes ago, I'd just like to say "Yipee!"

2010 was the year that I finally finished the second series that began in 2005. This was also the year that I transferred the entire site to a new blog set-up, and added text pieces to pages that have lacked them since the site launched back in 2002. It was quite the eventful year for that humble little fanfic.

Despite accomplishing a lot, there is still work I need to do with ROJ. However, I haven't been sweating it. It will come in time, and I strongly suspect that time will be next year.

I'll be going into a little more depth regarding my ROJ plans on the site on Friday. If you're interested, you can check out all the big fun at www.returnofjetman.com! In the meantime, let me bask some more in the glow of finishing that story.

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