Monday, January 24, 2011

Batman Loves Devo

Last week, someone arrived at this blog via the greatest search term ever.

"batman loves devo"

You know, despite the fact that I love Batman and Devo, this thought had honestly never occurred to me. But? Yes, yes he does. Batman loves Devo. See?

But if you click on a link titled "Batman Loves Devo", I'm pretty sure I know exactly what you want. Well, I am more than happy to oblige you.

(Apologies for the blurriness in the last scan. All images are taken from The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 1. Lyrics are from Devo's "Big Mess" and "Whip It". Post no bills.)


  1. this is very funny. however, there may be certain parties that don't quite appreciate it properly! LOL

  2. @David: They can blame the anonymous soul who went looking for it. :)

    @Travis: Wow, I am glad you like it!

  3. Oh dammit, you had me at "Big Mess," sir.

    Between this and Kate Beaton's Sexy Batman this has been a good week for crazy as hell Batman stuff.

  4. The "Big Mess" gag was literally the FIRST thought I had when I saw someone married Batman and Devo. The "Whip It" one was almost an obligation. :)

    Wow, that may have made MY night.