Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My World : Non-Supers, Part 2

Rudy Boemer : Rudy Boemer is the mayor of Major City, and something of a political maverick. He has a very blue collar approach to city governance, in line with his roots in Middleburg (largest metropolis in the Midwest). He has demonstrated a willingness to work with the superhero community, but he's still not completely sold on the concept of costumed do-gooders.

Whitney DeKalb : Whitney DeKalb is the great-granddaughter of Ladd DeKalb, founder of the trailblazing but perennial also-ran DeKalb Television Network. A member of the DeKalb Network board of directors, Whitney has been seeking a way to better compete with the Major Broadcasting System (MBS) and the United Broadcasting Company (UBC). She thinks she has finally found one by forging a strategic alliance with Mann Creations.

Albert Fannick : Albert "The Panic" Fannick is a basketball star who first rose to national prominence at Magnifica University on the west coast. Signed by the Major City Electrics out of college, Fannick has gone on to have a sensational pro hoops career. He is Shelly Ericson's favorite player, and possibly the only person in the world capable of rendering her starstruck.

Curt Koorey : Curt Koorey is more than just a disc jockey; he's an institution of the airwaves. A noted radio personality and voice actor, Koorey has spun records over the years from artists as diverse as Flint Nickell, the Wee Reptiles, Solar Cyclops, and the Scary Metal People. Disco Ball holds a personal grudge against him due to Koorey's refusal to add the works of Vance McGuire (Disco Ball's alter ego) to his playlist.

Jay Morita : Jay Morita is the Editor-in-Chief of The Major City Courier, the number one newspaper in both Major City and the country as a whole. Morita is known for his fearlessness and integrity, which is how he was able to survive the scandal that brought down reporter Roxanne Prize. Still smarting from his lapse in judgment in greenlighting Prize's story, Morita has been working hard to bolster the reputation of the Courier and fend off rival newspaper The Major City Progress.

Ivan Walters : Ivan Walters is a prominent film and television producer based in El Oceano. He is best known for producing the hit Cat-Man TV show, and the subsequent blockbuster movie series based on that comic book hero. Among his other credits are the TV series The Deacon and the cult classic sci-fi film The Blue Ooze. Paul Mann believes in Walters enough that he has been financing several of his recent projects.

In all honesty, there was never a plan to do another set of these, despite my labeling the first installment "Part 1" in August. That was purely an example of keeping my options open just in case. Good idea, huh?

At one point in the process of putting this together, there were 15 names on the list. I whittled that down as I went until I settled on the six you see here. I won't rule out using the others in future works, but I had nothing of any substance to write about them at this time. But heck, Jay Morita didn't make the cut in the first go-round and I found a way to use him here. Anything's possible.

As far as the characters themselves, they all create story possibilities. They incorporate bits and pieces of reality (care to guess where?), but mostly, they are around to fill in the details of the crazy world of Captain Satellite and friends.

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