Monday, January 10, 2011

Captain Satellite and Firegirl: Break-Up, Team-Up

A couple of things I should tell you up-front. First, one of my resolutions is not to let my commissions build up before they are posted here. Sometimes, it would be weeks after a picture's completion before it made it here, and this simply will not do. Second, there is no way the small version does this picture any kind of justice. You simply must click it to revel in the full-sized majesty.

After pursuing some smaller projects with Kabuki Katze recently, I was ready to approach something a bit bigger. The high concept of this piece is that it depicts two separate but related moments in time for characters Captain Satellite and Firegirl. The top panel shows the unhappy moment when their one-time romance (prior to any costumed do-gooding for either of them) crumbled under the weight of plot turns not yet fully-revealed. The main event, however, is the very next time their paths crossed: as a pair of superheroes battling Third World and the threat of the Macro Warriors.

I am ridiculously pleased with the result of this commission. Kabuki took my ideas and ran with them, embellishing them and making the final product even better as a result. She conveyed a lot of emotion necessary for something like this to work, and made it dynamic and exciting, too. It was her decision to visualize the flashback as a comic book panel, and she pulled it off with aplomb and authenticity.

One of my more interesting requests for this picture was that I asked Kabu to draw firearms for our heroes. At last, Cap gets to brandish the "Multi-Gun" which has been part of his concept forever and ever, but not seen in years. (Where does he carry it? Digitally!) And though Firegirl's "Pyro Pistol" has been largely relegated to the background, I did want her to be packing it at such an early stage in her career.

Let's have a round of applause for the delightful Kabuki Katze! Or, alternately, you could comment here or on her gallery page for this piece!

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