Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Casey Kasem Day!

I have decided that April 27th henceforth shall be "Casey Kasem Day" in OWARI Land. Admit it - you didn't even know it was his birthday until I just told you in this sentence. Yep, Casey Kasem is 79 years old today.

Since I get to listen to him twice a week, it is easy to forget that Casey Kasem has pretty much retired from public life. I suspect this was at least partially due to the changes in his trademark voice due to advancing age. While he still sounds "like" Casey Kasem, it's not the same anymore. Of course, there's no shame in that, but I can understand why he would want to work less as a result.

I've also heard that Casey may not be in the best of health these days. I don't know want the extent of that might be (if it's even true), but I sincerely hope for not just a LONG life for Mr. Kasem, but for a high QUALITY of life as well.

Here's to you, Casey Kasem! Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!

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  1. To me,Casey is still the ''default'' voice for both Shaggy&animated Robin;cool that he turns 79 years young today(&that he shares this birthday with one Paul Daniel ''Ace'' Frehley!)