Friday, April 15, 2011

"Hot Pants" by Lewis Smith (2007)

Yesterday I spotlighted a new piece of artwork with Firegirl; today, I spotlight another of the vintage pictures that helped define the character.

Our old buddy Lewis Smith returns with art that has a unique origin. This portrait of my Princess of Pyro was done for Sara Duffield as her prize for winning the 2007 Gunmetal Black/Seven Spheres Legend Fanart Contest. You do remember how much she loves Firegirl, right?

Well, Lewis did a swell job, and he brought some little touches that have persisted since then. Notice that belt? That was a bit of business he did to break up the red for himself, and it was inspired by the costume designs of Dave Cockrum (never a bad thing). That belt has since found its way into other pictures of the character, and has more or less become "officially" part of the design.

I asked both Lewis and Sara for permission to repost this fun chapter in the ongoing Captain Satellite saga, and they both readily agreed. Incidentally, voting for the 2011 GMB/7SL Contest is going on RIGHT NOW! Click over to Lewis' dA page linked above and vote for your favorite entries!

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