Thursday, April 7, 2011

Super Robot Mach Baron Theme Song

SUPER ROBOT MACH BARON is not, as far as I know, a sequel to the show SUPER ROBOT RED BARON that we discussed in these parts about a year ago. It is VERY similar in some respects, but my understanding is that there is no direct link between the two narratives. I haven't seen much MACH BARON except in a roundabout fashion, but I can tell you this much - the theme song is awesome!

I love Japanese superhero music, as you might have gathered. The theme to MACH BARON manages to be great by embodying so much that is good about that musical sub-sub-genre, and then twisting it into a glam-rocking piece of music that requires no interest in superheroes and no comprehension of Japanese. It just plain rocks, simple as that. And when you delve into the longer single version, it STILL rocks!

Super Robot Mach Baron theme song

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