Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Annie! And Diana Too!

I don't know why I am so surprised that my entry on Naomi Morinaga is fast becoming the most popular entry on this blog. I mean, I should've expected that, right? If you are one of the countless souls who end up at OWARI seeking Naomi, welcome. Why not take a look at the rest of the entries?

The thing that astonishes me the most is the the video I embedded in that entry has since been deleted, so all anyone is getting is my opinion of Naomi Morinaga. However, as it turns out, the video has made a subtle return. I won't embed it, but I'll instead link you to this. The first half is Diana from SPIELBAN, but the second half is the Annie video.

Ah yes, Diana and SPIELBAN. JIKUU SENSHI SPIELBAN is not a space sheriff per se, but it is in the same spirit as those earlier programs. Diana is a character a bit more advanced in terms of presentation, in that she gets to be an honest-to-goodness SUPER HEROINE. When I see Makoto Sumikawa (aka Jun Koyamaki) transforming into the Diana Lady armor, I know it's not still her inside the suit, but it's the principle of the matter. Interestingly, Naomi co-starred in SPIELBAN as the hero's sister, and got to be two DIFFERENT super characters (Hellvira and Helen Lady).

It seems wrong to have all this Naomi Morinaga talk without any pictures. Here are a trio of icons I created for LiveJournal (or one of its clones) several years ago. The first two are variations on the same theme using different fonts.  All are free for the taking, though crediting me would be appreciated if you use them.

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