Friday, August 19, 2011

Let It Be Duly Noted

I was re-reading this entry on the "lost issue" of OWARI when I realized that it contains a critical omission. Due to some lapse on my part, not only did I not LINK to ROJ creator Lewis Smith when discussing the ROJ material he wrote and drew for that issue, but I somehow failed to even mention his NAME in the entry. What was wrong with me? Since that post is already out there and read by most of the people who are going to read it, I figured the best course of action is to create a NEW entry to correct this oversight.

Let it be known for the record that Lewis Smith is a talented guy who was instrumental in the founding of OWARI in 1995. Some accuse him of being "criminally liable" for this action, but ignore those people. He blogs at Witless Prattle and has a killer gallery over at deviantArt. He also has sites devoted to his ongoing projects Gunmetal Black and Seven Spheres Legend. It is possible he is magic. Give him all your money.

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