Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On This Day In 1974...

So yeah, the vintage edition of AMERICAN TOP 40 I heard this weekend was the one from August 17, 1974. While I always enjoy the shows, the music content can be hit or miss at times. There were a number of songs I like or love on this program, but also a few I never need to hear again. Sorry to all you Dave Loggins fans, but that's just the way it is.

There was one especially hilarious moment that marked this episode as being so of its time. Seems one listener had submitted a question that was a bit unorthodox. He was a fan of the Rolling Stones, while his mother was a big fan of Frankie Laine. He asked Casey which artist had more Top 40 hits, Frankie or the Stones. This was apparently an attempt to settle a disagreement with his mother over which was better. Yes, seriously.

Considering this was 1974, it should come as no surprise that Frankie Laine came out on top in that competition. The result might be different today, but Laine had almost 20 years head start on Mick, Keith, and the boys. However, that's not the funny part. Casey did the teaser before a commercial break as usual, but when he did the set-up for the question itself, he said the two acts were as different as Mary Poppins and Linda Lovelace!

As I laughed out loud, I noted that this definitely was a show from 1974. And you get no points for figuring out which artist was which in that particular analogy.

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