Thursday, August 25, 2011

My World : Girago

“RAAAAWR! Flee, puny Earthlings! I am Girago, of the planet Goomador! I have arrived to conquer your planet and enslave the human race! Resistance is futile! Not even your Captain Satellite can save you from my awesome power! Soon, all of you shall bow before GIRAGO!”

Will Girago triumph? Or can our heroes Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson thwart this terrorizing titan? Well…what do you think?

Girago was born from the simple desire to incorporate more monsters into my cosmology. He is inspired in large measure by the type of beings seen in Stan Lee/Jack Kirby monster comics from the days prior to the arrival of the Fantastic Four and Marvel Comics as we know it today. While I love giant monsters in general, there is something peculiarly awesome about the Atlas style.

I really like the basic design of Girago, so I was disappointed I had such a tough time inking him. Why? I guess I just had an off night. Did some digital correction to smooth out the worst of it, but thicker lines seemed to suit him anyway. His obligatory monster purple shorts ended up riding up on him kinda funny (one supposes), so the leg perspective looks askew as a result. Oh well, not as if anyone is coming to my blog for fine draftsmanship!

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