Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Marvel Of Muscle Woman

And here's the Muscle Woman piece done by our friend Kabuki Katze! It should be considered in conjunction with Amazing Girl (seen last week).

I will confess that I probably would have never thought to do anything with Muscle Woman had it not been for the fascination my heroine creations held for Sara at Synthetic Platypus from 2007-2009. Fact is, I'm not even sure why I felt the need to make up Muscle Woman in the first place back in my childhood. It's not like I ever did that much with her anyway.

Well, hopefully that will be changing in at least a limited way. I've concocted backstories for both Amazing Girl and Muscle Woman that will be appearing on this blog eventually. I like to think that they flesh them out and make them just a little bit more than another pair of costumes.

Kabuki certainly held up her end of the bargain in this piece. She made Muscle Woman both substantial and powerful-looking, without in any way sacrificing the beauty and femininity we expect from our super heroines. Muscle Woman is sexy, but still looks like she could curbstomp a villain if necessary. Plus, Kabu once again proved adept at assimilating a wide range of references into something that made sense. If you need proof, please notice the wrestling boots and wrestling mask. But hey, why not go tell her yourself?

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