Thursday, September 29, 2011

Owariverse Encyclopedia: Section II - Heroes and Villains (A-B)

Amazing Girl: When Kendal Rose was a little girl, her father would sometimes tell her that they had been too poor to afford a second “L” in Kendal. Of course, that was just a cute exaggeration. In truth, Kendal’s family lived a comfortable middle-class life in a Midwestern suburb. In almost every respect, Kendal Rose had a perfectly average, happy childhood. Except Kendal had a secret.

Early in life, Kendal discovered that she had the power of telekinesis – the ability to influence objects using only her mind. At first, it was limited to moving or lifting small objects. As she grew to maturity, her telekinetic powers developed as well. Eventually, Kendal found that she could move and lift much larger objects, cause objects to spin, vibrate, bend, or break, and even project so-called “thought beams” that caused impact. All the while, she kept her practicing well-hidden, fearful of the repercussions if her schoolmates learned she was different.

Kendal graduated from high school just as the Super Hero Boom precipitated by Captain Satellite was in full bloom, due to the formation of the Invincible Alliance. As a college art student, Kendal came to idolize Firegirl, and resolved that she too would become a superheroine and use her powers to help others. This dream was finally realized during her junior year when she assumed the identity of Amazing Girl and embarked on a crusade to protect the city of Middleburg.

Amazing Girl is due to earn her degree soon from Eastern Midwest University, and hopes to journey to Major City to meet Firegirl and the rest of that city’s famous heroes. Recently, she has extended her telekinetic abilities even further to include levitation, allowing her to fly. It is as yet unclear what limits there might be on her powers.

Astro-Giants: From the far reaches of outer space, they come to planet Earth. They are...THE ASTRO-GIANTS!

The Astro-Giants are a race of phenomenally powerful cosmic beings who have, for reasons unknown, taken an interest in our world. They seem above the humanoid concepts of “good” and “evil”, and carry out their masterplan without regard to either. The Astro-Giants have been known to prevent natural disasters, but were also responsible for threatening the existence of Thunder Man's parallel Earth. They do not tarry on our planet regardless of how their operations turn out, but whether this is simple preference or out of necessity is uncertain.

Captain Satellite and others have speculated that there is a connection between the Astro-Giants and the Mystery Spaceman. Though the faceless stranger clearly does not serve the cosmic colossi, the question remains whether these two separate enigmas from beyond our solar system are somehow intertwined.

Azure Ant: Rip Witchell is a former officer in the Major City Police Department who was busted for corruption. Ousted from the MCPD, he broke out of prison with the help of his ingenuity and connections. Witchell then disappeared into the shadows of the underworld to plot his next move.

The Azure Ant is the result of Witchell’s scheming. Donning the guise of an obscure comic book hero, Witchell’s goal is nothing less than taking over organized crime in Major City. Neither the authorities nor the current gangland leaders find the Azure Ant’s plan particularly appealing.

Given the nature of his ambitions, the Azure Ant has inevitably clashed with Captain Satellite and other heroes based in Major City. Somewhat oddly, he claims that his “secret weapon” in his battles is his steadfast devotion to the soft drink Kooba Cola. He says Kooba is “invigorating, refreshing, and delicious” and “gives him the pep he needs” in taking on his foes.

Hugo Beaumont: Hugo Beaumont was bored. Very, very bored. It was hard not to be, considering how he lusted for adventure in the safe and sterile world of the far future. He craved excitement, but that was the last thing his environment could offer him. All he could do was throw himself into developing the technology that would allow him to break the shackles of his dull existence.

That day came when Beaumont invented his time travel belt. Using the belt, he can travel through time and space to anywhere in the known universe. Now, a normal person would utilize such an invention for useful purposes. But Hugo Beaumont? He chose to make himself into a nefarious villain - for kicks.

Garbing himself in a peculiar form of anachronistic costuming, Beaumont traveled to the era of Captain Satellite to match wits with the hero. The battles between Captain Satellite and Hugo Beaumont have already proven to be considerable, but does Beaumont know how the game will play out? Only “time” will tell!

Blue Behemoth: Mortimer Kane was the very definition of the word “milquetoast.” It didn't matter that he was one of the most brilliant graduate students at Major Technological Institute (MTI). He was so unassuming and timid that he was largely ignored by the vast majority of people on campus. In fact, the only person he could truly call a friend was his colleague Danny Graham. That wasn't really bad, except Danny was just as socially inept as he was.

Mortimer Kane's life changed forever the day he got caught in his experimental Mighty Rearranger. It affected an irreversible change on Kane, mutating him into a large, blue-haired anthropoid. His intelligence was left intact, but there was a noticeable difference in attitude. He became more boisterous, opinionated, and outgoing.

Ostracized even further due to his condition, Mortimer Kane created the Blue Behemoth identity to fight crime and injustice and...well, for something to do. Joined by his buddy Danny under the name “Drone Man” in the crimefighting business, the duo forged a solid reputation at the college and in the surrounding area for their tireless efforts to keep the peace. By becoming even weirder, two losers had made themselves Big Men on Campus.

Blue Behemoth possesses tremendous strength and astonishing agility. Contrary to popular belief, his mask is not just an eccentric superhero affectation. One of the side effects of his transformation is that the Blue Behemoth is now color blind, and the mask contains corrective lenses designed by Drone Man to maintain proper vision.

Blue Behemoth and Drone Man were instrumental in assisting Roxanne Prize in creating her own secret identity. Kane harbors a crush on Prize, but so far has been unable to admit it to anyone. It remains to be seen if this uncharacteristic throwback to his old personality traits will persist.

Blue Behemoth was there when the Invincible Alliance was founded, and is currently one of the core members of the group. He can frequently be found loitering around its headquarters when not on a mission.


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