Monday, September 26, 2011

My World : Amazing Girl

When Kendal Rose was a little girl, her father would sometimes tell her that they had been too poor to afford a second “L” in Kendal. Of course, that was just a cute exaggeration. In truth, Kendal’s family lived a comfortable middle-class life in a Midwestern suburb. In almost every respect, Kendal Rose had a perfectly average, happy childhood. Except Kendal had a secret.

Early in life, Kendal discovered that she had the power of telekinesis – the ability to influence objects using only her mind. At first, it was limited to moving or lifting small objects. As she grew to maturity, her telekinetic powers developed as well. Eventually, Kendal found that she could move and lift much larger objects, cause objects to spin, vibrate, bend, or break, and even project so-called “thought beams” that caused impact. All the while, she kept her practicing well-hidden, fearful of the repercussions if her schoolmates learned she was different.

Kendal graduated from high school just as the Super Hero Boom precipitated by Captain Satellite was in full bloom, due to the formation of the Invincible Alliance. As a college art student, Kendal came to idolize Firegirl, and resolved that she too would become a superheroine and use her powers to help others. This dream was finally realized during her junior year when she assumed the identity of Amazing Girl and embarked on a crusade to protect the city of Middleburg.

Amazing Girl is due to earn her degree soon from Eastern Midwest University, and hopes to journey to Major City to meet Firegirl and the rest of that city’s famous heroes. Recently, she was extended her telekinetic abilities even further to include levitation, allowing her to fly. It is as yet unclear what limits there might be on her powers.

Paradoxically, Amazing Girl is both the oldest and youngest character in my current cast. She's the youngest super character in the storyline, but chronologically, she dates back to the late 1970s. It seems likely she was inspired by Jean Grey as Marvel Girl in the early issues of X-Men. I was reading those stories in a reprint title called Amazing Adventures at the time.

As I've mentioned in the past, I had no thought to incorporate Amazing Girl into the "modern" superhero tales I was setting up. This was my friend Sara's idea, and she contributed aspects of the character that you see here. But until I came up with an angle that I felt was satisfying, I held off on making Amazing Girl's entrance into the Owariverse official.

Helping immeasurably in this effort was Kabuki Katze, who worked up a revamped costume for Amazing Girl that still preserved much of what had gone before. This seemed particularly appropriate, since in 2007, she had been the one who had chosen the colors Amazing Girl would wear. But then, I wonder if she even remembered that part?

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