Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ambassador Dentures

Ambassador Dentures by ~celamowari on deviantART

...I am sure someone is wondering what this is all about.

Essentially, the name "Ambassador Dentures" popped into my head after reading (or misreading) a sign in Lafayette. I filed it away, thinking I might do something with it one day. And lo, I did.

I had originally intended to scan this as pencils only, but it was rendered invisible. Hence, it is inked, but I didn't go to the trouble of cleaning up the scan.


  1. Complete dentures are used when few original teeth remain. The dentist begins by removing any remaining teeth so the dentures can be fitted. He or she then makes a mold of the gums and sends it to a dental lab where customized dentures are constructed. Partial dentures are prepared in much the same way as a complete set and are utilized when only a few teeth are missing.

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  2. When I drew this picture, I had no idea I would be getting spammed by "dentists".