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Owariverse Encyclopedia: Section II - Heroes and Villains (U-Z)

Ultimate American: The Ultimate American - The Faceless Defender of Democracy! An ordinary young man named Dean Truman was given the identity of Ultimate American by the U.S. government in response to the proliferation of super beings following the debut of Captain Satellite. Truman was considered an ideal candidate to assume the mantle based on the prior service of his father Tex Truman and half-brother Joe Truman in battling unusual threats.

Ultimate American made his first appearance during the case that led to the formation of the Invincible Alliance. He soon found himself elected leader of that group, despite having the least experience of any of the founders. He continues to serve in that role, and does his best to keep the wild personalities of his teammates in check.

In addition to his duties with the Invincible Alliance, Ultimate American seeks to learn the fate of Joe Truman, the half-brother he never knew. There have been few clues since Joe’s disappearance 25 years ago, but Ultimate American perseveres in his search. He has sworn to one day find the answer, no matter how long it takes.

Urban Nightmare: After the debut of Captain Satellite as a very public hero based in Major City, it was perhaps inevitable that a counterpoint to him would emerge sooner or later. Urban Nightmare is that counterpoint. He is a street level crimefighter who stalks the inner city of Major City, referred to as “The Minors” by locals. No one knows his true identity, though there are some potent rumors in circulation. Few suspect that the Urban Nightmare is actually respected civic leader Xolani Shabangu.

Urban Nightmare shuns publicity, and appears in the limelight only with great reluctance. His most famous adventure was his part in combating the Macro Warrior invasion of Major City that resulted in the founding of the Invincible Alliance. Though considered a charter member of that group, he only operates with them when it suits him - in other words, rarely. He is not an active member of the Alliance, but is instead respected and feared as an effective and enigmatic force of justice.

Sandor Varkoff: “Mad science” is still not a recognized discipline, but if it ever is, Dr. Sandor Varkoff would be an excellent candidate for accreditation in the field. Varkoff has a vast body of knowledge in a wide range of specialties, and is unquestionably a genius. Unfortunately, this brilliant man is also extremely twisted, and has a penchant for hatching plans that can only be called “crackpot.”

Dr. Varkoff's career path as a mad scientist has led him to butt heads with Captain Satellite, Shelly Ericson, and the Invincible Alliance. He has never been particularly successful in any of these clashes, but he's persistent. You have probably heard the popular wisdom on doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Dr. Sandor Varkoff's chief claim to fame is being the creator of Elektroid, the robot which rebelled against him and later joined the heroes of the Invincible Alliance. Varkoff was also responsible for unleashing the giant gorilla Gargantua Maximus on an unsuspecting world before losing control of the beast. Notice a pattern here?

Volcano Monsters: No one is quite sure how the Volcano Monsters exist in the first place. They are apparently a small tribe of semi-intelligent, rock-based humanoids that live within certain volcanoes scattered around the globe. The logistics of how this works are mind-bending.

When the Invincible Alliance journeyed to Japan to investigate suspicious activity originating from Mt. Aso, they had no idea that the case would change one of their members forever. But that’s exactly what happened when the Volcano Monsters emerged from the simmering crater. Firegirl took the full brunt of a blast of magma from a Volcano Monster and tumbled into the boiling lava below.

Not only did Firegirl miraculously survive this experience, but she somehow gained the ability to manipulate heat and fire through her body rather than her Pyro Pistol. Blue Behemoth and Drone Man would later theorize that the Volcano Monsters’ magma possesses special properties that interacted with innate alterations in Firegirl’s body chemistry due to prolonged exposure to the Pyro Pistol. Firegirl sort of nodded silently at that explanation.

Using her newfound flame powers, Firegirl aided the rest of the Alliance in turning back the threat of a Volcano Monster rampage, and the creatures retreated back into the earth. There have been no subsequent sightings of the Volcano Monsters since that incident. However, it just seems like a matter of time until they crawl out of another venthole somewhere.

Zoragaza the Mystic: According to Zoragaza the Mystic, he is centuries old. While this may be the case, what has been officially documented is his lengthy career as a con man plying his trade in carnival sideshows, seedy dives, and dilapidated storefront theaters. His first brush with fame came decades ago when he was featured on the album cover Forests of Mind Wizardry for the highly-regarded progressive rock band Solar Cyclops. This indirectly led to a series of concert gigs creating illusions for rival music act the Scary Metal People. Zoragaza later described his services during this time as that of “spiritual guru,” but Scary Metal People guitarist and lead singer Arthur Crudlip calls those allegations “bollocks” and characterizes Zoragaza as “a daft old bugger.” Strong words indeed coming from Crudlip, who is known to chew on glass during his all-night benders.

Zoragaza's entertainment endeavors were short-lived, and he found himself back in his familiar environment. While at the pawn shop looking for money to purchase the cheapest wine that comes in a brown paper bag, he acquired an amulet known as the Green Sun which grants its possessor powers of actual sorcery. Using the Green Sun for malevolent purposes, Zoragaza embarked on a public and flamboyant campaign of crime. That decision has led to conflict with Captain Satellite and Shelly Ericson, much to his regret.

Is Zoragaza the Mystic truly an ancient magician reclaiming his lost talents? Or is he just an opportunistic carny with a new weapon and delusions of grandeur?

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