Thursday, November 24, 2011

Andrea True Is A War Machine

Those of you out there with long memories may recall my endorsement of Andrea True Connection from last year. One of the lines that I tossed off in that review was the following:

Alas, Andrea's foray into a more punk rock sound (really) appears lost in the vinyl wilderness. One supposes that project is well beyond whatever commercial appeal True's music still possesses.

You'll never believe what I found the other night.

This is an honest to God music video for Andrea True's "War Machine", from the album of the same name. The description claims it was only released in Italy. And while the video quality is terrible and the video is pretty corny, I find myself surprised to say not bad. It stacks up well against what Blondie was doing at the same time. It's perhaps not true punk, but it's a good song. I would have happily bought that album!

I was hoping to end this entry on that upbeat note, but I learned while putting it together that Andrea True passed away earlier this month. I genuinely enjoyed her work, and I'm sad to discover that she's left us. R.I.P. Andrea True.


  1. I found the same video and wrote about it here:

    Glad to see there's one other person out there.

  2. Interesting entry - thanks for the link!

    It does seem a pity that only Italy gave the album a chance. The single, at the very least, sounds promising. I also can't believe I didn't see anything about Andrea's passing until this week.

  3. I know! When I saw the headline I didn't realize it was a few weeks back. My guess is someone (Andrea herself?) wanted her body to be cremated before the news came out.