Monday, November 21, 2011


Who is Pason? Well, the photo above is Pason, my friend. She is an actress making her mark in the film/TV entertainment field, and I think she has the mix of beauty, talent, presence & dedication to be one of the biggest stars in the business. But hey, you don't have to take my word for it. You can check out the lady's demo reel and see the range of roles she's already tackled in her career. In just under a year, she's wrapped 9 feature films, 3 music videos, 2 shorts, a comedy skit on LOPEZ TONIGHT, the web series “Under the Doghouse” & been featured twice on Nick Swardson’s PRETEND TIME (Season 2). This lady is taking the industry by storm!

My personal favorite of what I've seen so far? Probably the Southern comedy clip. Pason is JUST. SO. SASSY. Plus, as the owner of a genuine Southern accent, it's always a pleasure to hear a real one. Pason is originally from Georgia/Tennessee, you see, though she has a number of accents at her disposal.

Are you intrigued? I think you just might be! Well, your source for All Pason, All The Time is Pason's website Pason Actress. There you will find way more photos, videos (including an interview!), and even a storefront to buy autographed photos. I recommend it highly!

There is so much more to Pason and her talent than I can do justice to in a single entry. She has studied acting for 13 years - privately the past few years with Amy Lyndon - and believes you should always be honing your art. All I can say? Check out what Pason is up to these days, and discover her unique charm. She has a charisma and screen presence that I find unbeatable!

Oh, and a special hat tip to Pason herself, for supplying me with her headshot and a more complete list of credits. Thank you for making this entry even better than it would have been without your help!

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