Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dancin' Man by Q

I caught this song on one of those AT40 rebroadcasts and thought it was a decent little tune. Not outstanding, but fun. Plus, it's not nearly as annoying as some 1970s hits that are better known. Not naming any names, mind you.

Unlike some latter-day chart obscurities, "Dancin' Man" really does qualify as a modest hit. It spent 7 weeks in the Top 40 and made it as high as #23. But naturally, it's largely forgotten today. You can learn more about this particular band "Q" (there are others) on Wikipedia and Allmusic. Sadly, there's not much to learn.

Interestingly, "Dancin' Man" not only appears to be unavailable via mp3, but the album has never been issued on compact disc. In fact, the single only seems to turn up on a couple of obscure collections. Might need to investigate that further.

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