Thursday, May 17, 2012

National Guardians #1

I now have in my eager little hands a copy of National Guardians #1, the latest comic book from Big Bang Comics. This one is more in the style of your 1970s "Marvelous" team book. It features a few Big Bang stalwarts mixed together with some new characters. There's even a brand-new (and red!) version of the venerable Megaton-era character Ramm! Plus, we finally get the in-story debut of the fabled Golden Idol!

I don't know how this ties into the National Guardians concept as first introduced in the regular BB title several years ago, if it even does at all. I find myself less concerned about this sort of thing these days, and more concerned by whether the book delivers the goods. It does. Gary Carlson's story is fast and funny and colorful, with an appropriately absurd yet wonderful plot involving an intelligent alien ape! If you miss comics from "the good old days," National Guardians #1 might be just the tonic for you!

On the art side, Sterling Clark delivers the goods in epic fashion. I've been familiar with Clark's work on his character the Renegade since circa 1993, and if anything, he's definitely been improving over the years. Terry Huddleston and Tim Stile complement the pencils beautifully with their inks and the whole package has amazing coloring and lettering. A thoroughly professional job!

Speaking as I was of the Renegade above, that hero also returns in National Guardians in a pair of stories in the back. Clark writes both of these tales, and supplies art (with Huddleston on inks) for one of them. The other is done by Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema! Yes, those two stalwarts who supplied the cavortin' cover seen above also do interior artwork! There's even a pin-up by the legendary Joe Sinnott!

I don't think National Guardians is widely available just yet. Gary Carlson and Chris Ecker will have copies at the Comic Book Mania! Convention 2012 in Elgin, IL on July 7. If you can't make it there, keep your eye on the official Big Bang Comics site and this very blog for info on how you can experience National Guardians #1 for yourself!


  1. Christopher: Thanks for the plug for Comic Book Mania! In addition to Chris and Gary, we have a great line-up of pros at this show, including Dave Dorman, Philip Moy, Scott Beaderstadt and lots more. Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments, comics for sale, free facepainting for the kids and everyone who wears a costume wins a prize (we don't judge your costume, we award you!). Admission is FREE. Don't miss the fun!
    Bob Cassinelli
    Gail Borden Public Library

  2. I am still anxiously waiting for this to be distributed! I love the Big Bang characters and keep checking back and just keep seeing that cover teasing me on the BB Website with a "Coming Soon"

  3. Xanadude, I know there is a definite plan for National Guardians, but I don't know for sure when it will go into motion. I hope to post about it as soon as I learn more!

    In the meantime, I think I might post some previews of the book that one of the artists uploaded to deviantArt.