Monday, May 7, 2012


It sort of goes without saying that I love the video for the Beastie Boys song "Intergalactic". I am always down when people try to faithfully recreate the tokusatsu aesthetic, and this one sure succeeds. Isn't it funny that this sort of thing is cool when folks are clowning around, but everyone seems embarrassed by it when they are adapting something like Godzilla or Power Rangers? Not sure I understand the logic.

But yeah, this is clearly the work of people who love that sort of thing. Please check out the Beasties running at the 0:49 mark. Not only is that a total sentai riff, but it looks like it might be one of the streets Toei uses for location shots. Unreal.

Adam Yauch (MCA) passed away this past week, and as you might guess, that prompted me to publish this entry. The Beastie Boys album Licensed to Ill was practically the soundtrack of my being 15 years old. Mike D (Michael Diamond) and Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) will undoubtedly carry on the Beastie legacy, but it's strange and sad that one of the key members of the band has died at such a young age. R.I.P. MCA


  1. Holy crap, how was I not aware of the existence of a Beastie Boys video about a giant space robot fighting Cthulhu? This is awesome! Thanks for posting it!

    By the way, below this comment box it says "Please prove you're not a robot." Seems discriminatory, all things considered...

  2. Ironically, the star of this video is not allowed to post on Blogger.