Friday, May 18, 2012

Mirror World #1

I've known Sara Duffield for a few years, and have always been a big fan of her work. Therefore, I come to this entry with more than a little excitement. You see, the cover above is by Sara, and she drew all the interior artwork too!

Mirror World is (and ladies, correct me if I'm wrong here) a story originally conceived by Connie Schultz. Sara came aboard later, and their collaboration picks up the story a bit "in progress." I kind of like this approach, as it hints at a backstory that I don't know at all but which tantalizes me with a few clues. I'll confess that I don't have any idea where the story is heading, but am intrigued enough that I'd like to know more.

As mentioned earlier, I've been a vocal supporter of Sara in her artistic endeavors. I find it very gratifying to see how far she's come since I got to know her. Heck, you can see an evolution in the book itself! The character work is consistent, but you can see her becoming more adept at laying out a page and storytelling as the story progresses. I'm looking forward to her further developing her mastery of the page.

Guess what? Want to check out this book? You can do so right now! Amble on over to the Mirror World Saga site for instructions on how to get a copy! It's a worthwhile investment of your comic book dollar!

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