Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TV Sherpa: Mickey Matthews

Here's our last foray into the fantastic world of "TV Sherpa" with the always amazing Kabuki Katze. Our last subject was to be the Deacon's sidekick, Mickey Matthews. If you bothered to click the link, you can see we elected to take a few liberties with Mickey's concept, too.

Yep, Mickey Matthews got gender-swapped in the transition from original to our interpretation and went from being a boy to a girl. Actually, I tend to think of this Mickey as a young woman in her late teens. She's a tomboy and a scrapper and more than willing to getting her hands dirty fighting the bad guys. I'd imagine the backstory of how she met the Deacon is similar to the Golden Age tale. I'm sure she also struck up a friendship with Kitten during the inter-show crossover.

Actress Leigh Adams got her name through a tortured methodology that I'm not sure I can properly reconstruct anymore. I seem to recall it involved Bruce Lee and Neal Adams. Given the Green Hornet origins of this fictional show, the former is understandable, but I am no longer sure why the latter got thrown into the mix.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this journey into the TV shows of Captain Satellite's world and re-imagining of 1940s superhero characters. There may be one other peek into this world, but it won't be soon and it won't involve TV Sherpa. Ooooh, a tease! Meanwhile, check out Kabuki's page for this piece!

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