Friday, March 29, 2013

"Cinderella" by Firefall

I heard this song on the radio earlier this week, and was reminded how much I like it. Certainly, it is by no means a positive song. Frankly, it's a bit hard to imagine that the same band responsible for "You Are The Woman" and "Just Remember I Love You" could have created such a profoundly unhappy story. And yet, there it is.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this song to me (besides the arrangement) is the structure of the story it does tell. I think you can draw some obvious conclusions about the protagonist from the first half of it. And yet? If you make it through the second half, despite his inherent selfishness and bad attitude, you can infer that he stayed with her after all. That's not the only interpretation possible, but there is an undeniable tinge of regret about his life. Not necessarily what you might expect.

Firefall has a website, because of course you knew they would. It includes not only lyrics, but also chords and tabs for their songs!

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