Friday, August 6, 2010

Blue Behemoth's Bulletin Board

Blue Behemoth's Bulletin Board

Occasionally, I have ideas that are a little weird even by my standards.

One day, I was out taking a walk (walking is like my stealth hobby, actually) and toying with Captain Satellite business in my head. Don't laugh - I have had some of my best ideas walking. Eventually, I was seized by an idea so offbeat that it immediately shot to the top of my "Let's Make This Happen!" list. What if...I had a picture that told a story about a character without depicting that character?

I don't remember the chronology of my thinking process, but the decision was made that Blue Behemoth would be a good candidate for this treatment. There are a lot of facets to his character that haven't been explored that much yet, and he is a key component of the Invincible Alliance team. With the character set, I needed a concept to build around. After discarding a few, I remembered this Return of Jetman piece done for me by the amazingly amazing Kabuki Katze. That was it! A bulletin board!

Well naturally, I went to Kabuki with proverbial hat in hand and asked if she were interested in taking on this unorthodox commission. Fortunately for me, she is game for a challenge, and accepted. We were off!

This piece is slightly more collaborative than usual, in that bits and pieces of my actual writing are incorporated into it. I also offered plenty of suggestions when asked. Some of what was included was an attempt to build the Captain Satellite "world", but some of it was brought in mostly for laughs. That the gags also could serve as world-building was even better!

I'm not going to list every individual piece on here; really, you should read it and enjoy it for yourself. Needless to say, clicking on the full-size image is not only recommended, but is almost a must. A ton of detail is lurking in this piece, waiting for you to find it. I'm slightly jealous that it's the joke almost entirely written by Kabuki that I find the funniest on this board. That lady has talents she doesn't even use!

Major kudos to Kabuki for her stellar work on this picture. It is seriously even better than I first visualized it, and that is some high praise indeed. You can leave a comment here or Kabuki's dA page for the pic. Kabuki has also written a blog entry on this piece, which is loaded with incidental details I was too lazy to discuss point-by-point. You can read Big Blue's Board, Redux on her highly-recommended blog.

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