Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My World : Non-Supers, Part 1

Pat August : Pat August is the president of Mann Creations, and the one who runs the day-to-day operations of the company. Though Paul Mann founded the company, and is the principal owner and CEO, it is Pat who keeps it humming along. He is probably Captain Satellite's most valuable and trustworthy confidante besides Shelly Ericson herself. Pat is involved with a number of charities and community programs both in his official capacity and as a private citizen, including serving as chairman for the Major City Council on African-American Affairs (MCCAA).

Karma Bando : Don't let Karma Bando's hippie girl name and slight appearance deceive you - she is an expert auto mechanic and car customizer. Captain Satellite enlisted her aid in creating his Rocket Racecar, and she has an exclusive contract to maintain the specialized vehicle. Her reputation has only grown with her association with Cap, and she has been able to franchise her business around the country as a result.

Bruce Chase : Bruce Chase is famous as the star of the popular and trendsetting TV series Cat-Man. Noted for his exaggerated and overly-dramatic delivery, he was perfect for the role, and that landmark program has defined his career. Though he went on to play the title character in the cop show Lomax! for several seasons, success as a movie actor - what he really desires - has eluded Bruce. He is still doggedly optimistic, and convinced that all he needs is the right part - such as that of Captain Satellite in the film adaptation of his life story.

Rex Coronado : Rex Coronado is the executive director of C.H.I.E.F. (Command Headquarters International Espionage Force). The son of Mexican immigrants, he is deeply proud of the United States, and will fight to defend it with his last breath. He wears sunglasses at all times to disguise the fact that he has a glass right eye. Rex is cantankerous seemingly beyond reason, but has been known to display a sharp sense of humor when least expected. Never one to be underestimated, he will do whatever it takes to accomplish his mission.

Eve East : Eve East co-starred on the TV series Cat-Man as the hero's sidekick Kitten. She later left acting behind and entered the arena of politics. She was recently elected mayor of El Oceano, California - the largest city on the west coast, and entertainment capital of the world.

Manon Etienne : Manon Etienne is the owner and general manager of the stylish Chez Cafe favored by Paul Mann and Shelly Ericson when dining out. In fact, the Chez Cafe was where they had their first face-to-face meeting (it wasn't really a "date"). Manon has parlayed great service and exquisite cuisine into her restaurant holding the reputation as one of the places to eat in Major City. It is said that she knows all the movers and shakers in town on a first name basis.

Howard Fein : Howard Fein is the current President of the United States. He was eager after taking office to associate his administration with the rising popularity of Captain Satellite and the Invincible Alliance. Critics have charged him with engaging in publicity stunts for his own gain, but Fein contends that he truly believes in the idealism represented by this wave of superheroes.

Dick Major : Dick Major is the wealthy scion of the venerable family that founded Major City centuries ago. Though the rest of his clan has either embraced or at least accepted Paul Mann, Dick resents what he feels is the diminishing of his family's legacy due to Mann's rise in stature in town. He is a proud (many might say arrogant) man who refuses to accept what he sees as the devaluing of the Major name.

Mondo Style : Mondo Style (obviously not his real name) is one of the more famous professional wrestlers of the last 25 years. He thought it would be fabulous publicity to challenge Blue Behemoth to a "superhero vs. wrestler" match for one of his grappling group's pay-per-view events. Deciding to "forget" the pre-planned outcome, he went into business for himself during the "contest", and BB taught him a lesson in humility that was an entertainment bargain for fans everywhere.

Dr. Nicola Tanihara : Dr. Nicola Tanihara is an esteemed astronomer who serves as a professor at Major Technological Institute (MTI). Dr. Tanihara was the first observer to note the anomalies which signaled the advent of the Astro-Giants. She is frequently consulted by the superhero community in matters involving outer space.

Velvet Verity : Velvet Verity is a world-famous supermodel who has managed to run afoul of super-villains on more than one occasion. Her sometimes reckless behavior makes her an easy target for those seeking valuable hostages, and she has required rescue several times in recent years. Sadly, she is not one to learn lessons.

Basil Whittaker : Basil Whittaker is the British millionaire and daredevil adventurer who originally financed Paul Mann when he mysteriously appeared a number of years ago. Mann considers Basil his mentor, and the two have a surrogate father/son relationship that is perhaps so obvious that it led to the non-revelation that ended Paul Mann and Roxanne Prize's relationship. When not tending to his business interests or off on some boondoggle like circling the Earth in a hot air balloon, Basil is one of the foremost art collectors in the world. He specializes in pieces that are considered "grotesque" by the population-at-large.

My world is like our real world in some ways, but heavily fictionalized in others. I like to call it a "retro future", because while it may take place in the present or recent past, it's viewed partially through the prism of how folks in times far past imagined these times. One key element of this world is that it's not saturated with costumed types. In fact, they are rare. Even some of the profiled characters, like Shelly Ericson, aren't exactly super folks.

This little list profiles a dozen non-super powered characters that flesh out the world of Captain Satellite. Some of them are intended to be recurring characters, while others might pop up when the time is right. I won't be drawing any of them, but don't be surprised to see artwork featuring at least some of them in the future.

A few notes, if you're interested :

* Pat August is a character that has shown up periodically in the proto-Cap continuity for years, though his current name is a recent invention.

* Karma Bando was originally just an excuse to finally discuss Cap's souped-up vehicle, but she has grown on me. Her name and description are inspired by a friend, who provided input on both.

* Bruce Chase was originally one of the possible alter egos of Captain Satellite back in the good old days.

* Dick Major allows me to discuss something only hinted at previously - the Major family that founded the city which bears their name.

* Mondo Style was the original secret identity of Blue Behemoth.

* The name "Velvet Verity" showed up as an alleged sender in my spam e-mail folder one day, and I jotted it down as too good to lose.

* Basil Whittaker's name evolved from "Basil Wolff", another old secret identity for Captain Satellite. Yes, comics fans, it was inspired by Basil Wolverton.

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