Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Such Problems!

My current problem is that I almost have too much to post here.

Let me explain. I'm trying to not overdose anyone on the whole Captain Satellite Experience (you know you want that ride), but much of what I have handy is related to...well, you can guess. So I'm going to make a conscious effort to spread it out and make it last through at least the year.

After this year? Well, we'll see. Cap and friends won't be going away, that's for sure.

I also am trying to limit the number of Youtube-themed posts here, but gosh, that is hard when there are so many interesting videos to discuss. It's just that I don't like relying on so much outside content that can (and often, does) disappear without warning.

The Return of Jetman site continues to update of its own accord, and I should probably be paying attention to filling in some of the lingering gaps in content now that the story is done. That final episode, by the way, is still scheduled for October 26, 2010. Don't forget!

I have another great old comic book to review one of these fine days, and some promotion for a new fanpage for a favorite actor of mine. All I need to do is get around to doing those things.

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