Saturday, August 14, 2010

Return of Lordwormm!

Fan Art by Lordwormm

You were introduced to the artist known as "Lordwormm" back in this entry in April. Well, since then, he drew this picture with three more of my characters. In this piece (original here, and yes, he did mistype my username in the title), you see his interpretations of Mystery Spaceman, Disco Ball, and Redman.

Wait, who's Redman? Redman is a childhood character of mine, and definitely a lesser one who somehow managed to hang around for years. He makes a small appearance in this little number, mostly by virtue of having been a member of one of my super teams. That's also why he warranted a color solo picture in 2007, but I've never been especially thrilled with it (hence its absence from this blog). Lordwormm, however, was thrilled by it, and proceeded to make Redman far more interesting-looking than he has any right to be.

Of course, I'm down with fan art of any of my characters! I must admit, I'm especially taken by his interpretation of the Mystery Spaceman. Except for one or two minor details, he really nails the concept of that character. Just like Thunder Man in the first Elam-ccentric art he did, he's given me a clearer idea of how this character should work away from my simplistic style.

If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy the guest shot by another of my childhood heroes in one of Lordwormm's pics. Elastic Man appears in this gallery of stretchy people. Lordwormm is a big booster of the malleable type, so I'm honored to be a part of such a picture.

If you didn't take my suggestion the first time, perhaps now you will be inclined to check out Lordwormm's page?


  1. Lordwormm is a braver man than I (in more than one sense!) for taking on those designs.

    Though, oddly enough, the more renditions I see of Disco Ball, the more I can see how he's plausible. . . . which is odd seeing as how IMplausible he is.

  2. Part of the reason I wanted to post this now was because Lordwormm's Disco Ball precedes Sean's PSC one. And Lordwormm definitely tackles characters far crazier than even mine. ;)

    I take pride in the fact that even the most inherently ridiculous Captain Satellite characters work on some level.