Monday, August 23, 2010

PSC Wave 3 - Part 1

As you might recall from this entry and this entry, I commissioned artist Sean Moore to do Personal Sketch Cards for some of my characters. Well, I went back to the well a couple more times before he ended his summer sale. Today, we'll begin our look at these cards.

The first three cards depict Third World Leader, a Third World agent, and a Macro Warrior. Third World is the evil subversive organization in the Captain Satellite universe, akin to groups like Hydra and Cobra. That's the analogy I gave to Sean for these cards, and he really came through on both the Leader and the Agent. The Agent in particular has a thuggish quality that is truly inspirational. He looks like the kind of guy you just can't wait to get what's coming to him.

The Macro Warriors are tools of Third World. I compared them to a synthesis of Japanese super robots and Marvel Comics' Sentinels. I also asked for an angle that gave us an "up" shot of them, to better convey their size, and for the inclusion of a pilot. It's all pulled off beautifully, and finally makes the Macro Warrior design look good.

Thanks Sean! More to come on the PSC front!

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