Sunday, July 31, 2011


I hadn't told anyone about it until now, but I've been nursing a plan the last couple of weeks. Today, we reach the final stage of that plan. It's not as if it was a particularly impressive plan. All I wanted to do was have a post for every single day of the month.

So what, right? Well, for me, that's huge. I had never done it since I launched this blog. I've tried to pick my spots and not force myself to post an entry unless I thought it had at least some minor value. As a result, I have skipped posting entries if I didn't feel like I had anything in the tank.

I came close a few times. December 2010 had 29 entries, and that was because I skipped a weekend in the middle of the month. If I had known how close I would wind up being, I might have found something for those two days! Similarly, I missed two days in the first weeks of February 2011, and I came up short as a result then, too.

The difference this time was that I realized fairly early in the month that I had the opportunity to make this happen. Ironically, it came because Blogger went down on me at the end of June and pushed a late night post into the next day. I had ORIGINALLY intended to hit my 500th entry (remember that?) on Friday, July 1st, and then possibly skip a day or two. When that entry got pushed back to Saturday - and when a lengthy post examining my superhero universe's continuity managed to get finished on July 4th - we were well on our way to reaching a goal I had never intended to pursue in July.

I consider this a one-off deal, by the way. Though it was fun to concoct 31 separate entries in July, it necessitated putting some other things on the backburner for a bit. This is likely what it would be like if I were 100% committed to doing a review/observation blog and nothing else, but I just like to work on my own stuff, too. That's why I'll probably never worry about doing this again now that I have done it once.

My one regret about being so prolific in July is that I fear some entries got less exposure than I would've given them in a typical month. I managed to turn out a lot of entries that fascinated ME these past 31 days, and I thought I'd give you a list of a few that you might want to check out if you missed them the first time. Though, if you want to read the whole month again, I sure won't stop you...

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