Thursday, January 24, 2013


There was a day a few years ago when I was unaccountably thinking a lot about McDonaldland. Here are a few random thoughts I had:

  • Has the Hamburglar ever been convicted?

  • Everyone wants to know what the hell Grimace is. I want to know this: Why does he have that name when he is always smiling?

  • Are there more hamburger-headed people, or are Mayor McCheese and Big Mac the only ones?

  • Speaking of Mayor McCheese, why is he the mayor when the WHOLE PLACE is named after Ronald McDonald?

  • Did the Professor create the Fry Guys or something?

  • Whatever happened to Captain Crook anyway?

  • Is it wrong to want to suffocate Birdy the Early Bird?

...And so on. Actually, the whole hamburger-headed people thing is pretty weird when you think about it. Like, if I had a hamburger-head, I might be a self-cannibal. That would be hard to explain at parties.

"Chris, have you been eating part of your head again?"


It would go downhill from there.

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  1. The only thing weirder than the McDonaldland concept is the behind-the-scenes backstory. You can't sue a little, 'cuz you can't sue enough..