Thursday, January 24, 2013


There was a day a few years ago when I was unaccountably thinking a lot about McDonaldland. Here are a few random thoughts I had:

  • Has the Hamburglar ever been convicted?

  • Everyone wants to know what the hell Grimace is. I want to know this: Why does he have that name when he is always smiling?

  • Are there more hamburger-headed people, or are Mayor McCheese and Big Mac the only ones?

  • Speaking of Mayor McCheese, why is he the mayor when the WHOLE PLACE is named after Ronald McDonald?

  • Did the Professor create the Fry Guys or something?

  • Whatever happened to Captain Crook anyway?

  • Is it wrong to want to suffocate Birdy the Early Bird?

...And so on. Actually, the whole hamburger-headed people thing is pretty weird when you think about it. Like, if I had a hamburger-head, I might be a self-cannibal. That would be hard to explain at parties.

"Chris, have you been eating part of your head again?"


It would go downhill from there.


  1. The only thing weirder than the McDonaldland concept is the behind-the-scenes backstory. You can't sue a little, 'cuz you can't sue enough..

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