Thursday, January 10, 2013

Whither Michelle Nolan?

I learned yesterday the sad but not entirely shocking news that Comics Buyer's Guide is ending. CBG was at one time one of the lynchpins of comics fandom, but times (as they say) change. You had to figure that nothing was safe after the cancellation of Wizard a couple of years ago. As much as I loathed that publication, it had leapfrogged CBG in the public consciousness. Now, both are history.

I've been buying CBG off and on for many years, and a lot of my personal fan history is tied up in its pages. In fact, it is more pivotal than you might expect. More recently, I've been buying it more regularly, so I consider it unfortunate for me that it is ending. However, with all due respect to everyone involved in that fine publication, the reason I will miss it most is outlined in this entry's subject header.

Quite simply, I think Michelle Nolan is my current favorite writer on the subject of comic books. I discovered her work in the pages of the much-missed Comic Book Marketplace. I always am entertained by her articles and learn something, too. So I am really disappointed to learn that another publication that carried her column is no more.

Which brings me to this - I don't know Michelle Nolan, but someone needs to hire her to write for their website. I am going to be cranky if I can't read her work anymore simply because all the outlets dried up. If I have to endure every wannabe comedian thinking their list is a gift to mankind, certainly there is a place out there for someone who writes intelligently and enthusiastically about old comic books.

I hope to be reading Michelle Nolan's articles for years to come. Why not check them out and see how you like them? Some examples:

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  1. Agreed. No comment indicating her current whereabouts? Her columns have just disappeared?