Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bad Girls of Major City

Wow, who are these naughty ladies? Why, it's Sultura, Doppelgirl, and Princess Nikatonia of the Owariverse, of course! But what have we here? Are these ACEOs from Kabuki Katze? By Jove, they are! She's been running a special this month on them, and I elected to have three more of my world's character immortalized in tiny trading card form. Here they are assembled!

If you act NOW (as in RIGHT NOW), you can still get in on this sweet, sweet ACEO action. But hurry! It's ending within the day. Details here! And like she says, this is likely it for 2013!

If you read that journal, you may have seen that I have a couple of other cards that I'll be posting. We'll discuss them when the time is right, including one that is a special gift for someone. You won't want to miss it!

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