Monday, May 6, 2013

Not A Vacation

A little over three years ago, I surprised even myself by putting this blog on temporary hiatus. I credit this move with reinvigorating the operation when it finally returned almost three weeks later. It might have been extreme, but it was the right call.

Today, I'm putting OWARI on hiatus again. This is intended to last at least one week, but no more than two weeks. My reason is not because I fear going stale, but simply because I have too many things competing for my limited attention at the moment. There are projects that need to be addressed and, in some cases, finished. I am putting the blog on the shelf for a brief time in an effort to focus on everything else.

Make no mistake - OWARI is very important to me. Part of why I am choosing to make this announcement is because I want all of you to know this. If anything comes up that merits immediate attention, I will be back ahead of schedule. But for now, OWARI shall remain quiet for a few days. If you get lonely in the meantime, why not peep out my Twitter?

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